Watch Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold & Of Mice & Men Members’ Random Jam

Some of the best things in life happen on the spur of the moment. This random jam between members of Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Of Mice & Men probably isn’t one of them, but it’s still pretty rad that it exists.

“In this video, some unnamed idiots are seen having a good time,” Linkin Park’s perpetual shades-wearer Mike Shinoda posted on his personal Instagram account by way of description.

Shinoda is shown jamming on the keys (and wearing a Death Grips shirt, no less) in the damnably short clip, while his new bandmates, including Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows and Of Mice & Men’s Austin Carlile, show off their blues/funk improv chops with mixed results, which are probably still more musically satisfying than Nickelback.

No word yet as to what brought all of these rock and roll heavyweights together in one room to create such an impressive display of musical fusion, but needless to say we’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

Meanwhile, impromptu all-star jams seem to be all the rage, at least since last week when Taylor Swift wheeled out Hayley Williams and Chris Carrabba at her bestie’s bday party to cover a Dashboard Confessional song.

Watch: Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Of Mice & Men Jam

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