Watch: Matty Johns (Drunken?) Interview With Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has sat down to talk with Matty Johns from the Triple M Grill Team before his show at The Enmore Theatre in Sydney. Why oh why would Matty Johns be given the task of interviewing a tough character like Noel Gallagher you ask? Well it actually turned out to be a pretty good (and humourous) interview, once you get through questions like “Elton John, what’s going on with him at the moment?”.

Matty is, in fact, a massive fan of Noel’s and manages some pretty good answers from him, such as when did he become the Favourite in Oasis? “I was always trying to mop up the shitstorm that just happened [on stage]”.

Is it tougher to write music when you’re mega successful and have plenty going on? “I just try not to think about it much… i let the songs find me”.

Watch: Matty Johns Interview with Noel Gallagher on Triple M

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