You’ll Never Be As Metal As This Grannie Rocking Out To AC/DC On Her Way To The Shops

A Scottish pensioner has proven that you’re never too old to rawk, busting out some impromptu mosh moves in front of an unsuspecting audience on the streets of Paisley.

The geriatric hell-raiser was filmed cutting sick during a band called Badboys’ rendition of the AC/DC classic Highway To Hell during the city’s Spree music festival, much to the confusion and wonder of all attending.

The rockin’ oldie stole the show from the band, windmilling like a mad dawg without even throwing a hip out, shopping bags and all.

Bassist Billy Kinnear, whose 10-year-old daughter Alba snapped the grannie on film, tells TeamRock, “She was amazing and we couldn’t believe the moves that she was coming away with. We were all shouting from the stage, ‘Look at her, she’s awesome!’ She stole the show.”

Catch the clip below.

And in the immortal words of Acca Dacca: For those about to rock, we salute you.

Watch: Grannie Rocks Out To AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’

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