Watch More SXSW Hipsters Pretend To Like Bands That Don’t Actually Exist

You may have heard of Jimmy Kimmel. A former host of Comedy Central’s The Man Show whose current interests include hosting his titular chat series, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and trolling hipsters at some of the world’s biggest music festivals.

The funnyman has famously made trips to Coachella, Rock The Bells and South By Southwest over the past few years, solely to quiz well-informed festival-goers about some of the hottest buzz bands going around right now. Except, thing is, none of the bands actually exist.

Now, Kimmel has resurrected the popular segment, dubbed Lie Witness News, to once again expose a fleet of wannabe musical Hermione Grangers for the Neville Longbottoms they really are.

Returning once again to Austin’s South By Southwest, Kimmel’s vox-poppers are overwhelmed with adoration for such underground fictional artists as Mary Kate & Nasty, DJ Underwire, Wiz Khalifa’s little brother, Cheese Wizz Khalifa, and one particularly clued-in, bearded Hawaiian-shirt wearing cowboy was particularly fond of Eddie and his Man Purse.

While not everyone has the same taste in music, I think we can all agree that watching pretentious people publicly embarrass themselves is pretty entertaining. Check it out below.

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News – SXSW 2015

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