Watch: Muse Release An Absolute Riot Of A Clip For ‘Madness’

Now with only a matter of weeks until the release of The 2nd Law, Muse have very recently unveiled the clip for Madness, telling the tale of young love, and the world crashing all around it.

It’s a very intense 5 minutes filled with neon lights, funky-as instruments, riot police, and some very serious looking police dogs, all mixed together in the most chaotic way you could imagine.

The narrative develops around two young lovers caught amongst the sounding madness, though coming off as somewhat blasé about the whole thing. All the while, Muse watch from a safe distance as the similarities between love and madness unfold before the viewer, though much to the terror of the two lovers.

We’ve got the clip below, so why not take a goosey gander? The album is released officially October 2 through Warner.

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