WATCH: Music Industry Figure Nic Kelly Talks His Career & How To Kick Start Yours

Despite his young age, media mogul on the rise Nic Kelly is known around Australia as one of the foremost content creators in the realms of music and pop culture.

Co-founder & content director of music website ProjectU, former host of Twitter-based pop culture show Amplify and often heard round the nation on the Hit FM radio network, Nic is one the busiest dudes in the scene and is already reaping the benefits of years of hard work and innovation.

As part of our series with AustralianSuper, helping you kick start your creative career, Nic joins Music Feeds all this week, to pass on his insight into the constantly evolving Australian music industry, and give you some insight on how you too can crack your way into such a rewarding career.

Meet Nic in the video above and head here for the rest of his content coming out in the coming days.

Nic Kelly is a presenter, writer, content creator and general internet pest and you can follow him on Twitter and check out his music site ProjectU.

 If you’re just starting out in your career, a few right moves early on can help set you up for life. For more stories in our AustralianSuper KickStart series, click here or go to AustralianSuper.

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