Watch New Beastie Boys Documentary Celebrating 25 Year Anniversary Of ‘lll Communication’

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their fourth studio album, Ill Communication, Beastie Boys’s have unveiled a new doco titled Still Ill.

The mini documentary is a short film released by Amazon Music and has feature interviews with Beastie Boys: Michael Diamond (Mike D) and Adam Horovitz (King Ad-Rock), which includes their Q&A with Amazon from this year’s SXSW.

Along with archival shots spanning the eras of 1989 release Paul’s Boutique, 1992 release Check Your Head, and obvi, Ill Communication.

It features interviews from collaborators: Mario Caldato Jr. and Mark Nishita too.

Horovitz says in the doco, “We sucked, like really bad, at first, and it didn’t get that much better.

“But that was the thing that was really fun – we figured out a way to do it for ourselves.”

Head of Editorial at Amazon Music, Nathan Brackett says, “I couldn’t be more excited to share this project. The Beastie Boys had a few crucial pivots in their career.

“But for me, the ‘Ill Communication’ era could be their most important transformation: it was the moment in the early 1990s where they brought so many of their influences full circle into one sound, and, in a sense, became the best version of themselves.”

The 15 minute doco is out now and you can watch it down below.

In 2018, Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz put out Beastie Boys Book, a New York Times Best Seller and 600 pages of Beastie anecdotes. They recently went out on a book tour for the memoir.

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