Watch: Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ Video Is A Non-Stop Great Time

Paramore have explored the more fun things in life their latest clip for Still Into You, getting about on BMXs indoors, setting off fireworks, rolling around pastel-coloured bedrooms with inexplicable piless of birthday cakes, plus heaps of balloons means good-time party-time times.

Having gone pretty full-on with their previous video effort for Now, this freshest of clips perfectly matches the innocence of Still Into You, which in these dark, dark times is really the main pulling factor. Those who have been paying attention will notice that the clip seems to have been shot at the same time as their Side By Side album previews – same clothes and all.

You’ll also notice that Hayley doesn’t show off her new tattoo – the only place you’re gonna see that is in the Music Feeds video interview with Paramore following Soundwave 2013.

The self-titled album is available now and has been so since Friday, 5th April so if you haven’t already, get onto it. Check the new clip below.

Watch: Paramore – Still Into You

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