Watch Polish Club Cover Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ For Triple J Like A Version

Polish Club entered the triple j studios this week to give a special Like A Version performance. A performance we’d dare call iconic. The duo took on Doja Cat, yes covering ‘Say So’, toning the track down a bit and flip an indie rock twist on it.

Novak’s vocals give the track such a huge twist, especially with all the grunt and emotion behind them. It’s such a special Like A Version.

Performing their original ‘Breakapart’, they keep up that stunning Polish Club energy that feeds each of their songs, except the live take is way more intense than its studio counterpart. It sees Novak add some spice to his vocals while John-Henry goes hard as on the drums.

In their Behind The Like A Version, Polish Club said they wanted to find a happy medium for the cover. They wanted to slow it down just enough to turn it into a love song, without taking the joy and fun out of it.

“It’s a weird thing trying to pick a song for Like A Version because it’s not just a cover it’s like,” begins John-Henry.

“It’s a cultural moment baby… What do you mean it’s not just a cover?! It’s literally just a cover,” laughs Novak.

“It’s like if we just played a rock song, then it’d just be like ‘oh that’s a rock band playing a rock song’,” explains Pajak.

He’s got a point.

You can catch the Polish Club cover, their original ‘Breakapart’, and their Behind The Like A Version below.

Polish Club were last in the triple j studio covering Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ in 2017.

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