Watch: Rapper Sammy Adams Has Exorcist-Style Seizure On Stage

Burgeoning US rapper Sammy Adams is a name many of us won’t be too familiar with, but assumed knowledge isn’t needed to get the most out of the below video. During a recent performance, Adams has had what looks like a total system failure, and shit looks whack.

TMZ have mentioned that Adams was the mastermind behind tracks such as Driving Me Crazy and I Hate College, and found himself performing at Six Flags Great Adventure for a Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. All of a sudden he started to look a little shaky, seemed to totally lose all sense of orientation, span around in a circle and fell down.

Aides soon flooded the stage and every one seemed pretty freaked out by the collapse. Adams was taken to an ambulance, but has since tweeted that everything is OK. Hopefully they’ve got him under close examination just in case he starts projectile vomiting and spinning his head around.

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