Watch: Ruby Rose Releases First Ever Track ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Ruby Rose, one of our country’s most ultimate slashies, has now added another slash to her title: musician. The TV host / model / fashion designer / DJ … / musician has released her debut single Guilty Pleasure, which has now received the full video service.

You have to give Rose credit here. You’d wonder with all her previous commitments where she would find time to sleep, let alone produce music. But unlike other slashie’s desperate to further their personal brand whereever they can find an opening, Guilty Pleasure is a serious effort on behalf of Rose, who is clearly being as professional about her music as she is about her VJing, modelling, designing, and DJing.

Rose combined creative forces with Gary Go to produce the track. The dancy vibes shine through over everything else, though the track is honest, deep and very personal, as she explained to MusicFIX, stating that the muse for Guilty Pleasure was a destructive relationship she was once in prior to giving up the drink: “I felt I was slowly killing the real me, the happy, healthy, free, person, by making bad choices,” she explained. This song is to remind you that though things can be a struggle we do all have choices.”

She has however, expressed that not every word in the song is to be taken literally. Opening the track with the words ‘Suicide/ I’m on a mission’, Rose, an anti-bullying spokesperson, has been quick to explain that it “is in no way endorsing or speaking flippantly about suicide”, adding further in her interview with musicFIX, “It is just stating that sometimes you can feel dead even when you are alive.”

Check out the track and the clip below. What do you think? Is this a credible effort on behalf of Rose? Or should she just stick to her other slashes?

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