Watch Sia Turn ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Into A Children’s TV Show On Acid

Sia appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live overnight to perform her tracks Chandelier, Elastic Heart, and Big Girls Cry from her new album, 1000 Forms of Fear. There was no Lena Dunham or gay men this time, just a whole lot of clown makeup and probably the weirdest ABC Kids show we’ve ever seen.

The set features young Maddie Ziegler — the dancer now best known for appearing in the official Chandelier video, as well as Sia’s famous appearance on Ellen — donning clown makeup along with two other, similarly face-painted figures, while Sia belts out the tunes from a weight rack.

As well as experiencing the latest addition to the quirky Adelaide singer-songwriter’s growing number of entirely unique televised Chandelier performances, readers can check out host Jimmy Kimmel and his “son” Guillermo attempting to learn the moves to the Chandelier dance below.

Watch: Sia – Chandelier on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch: Sia – Elastic Heart on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch: Sia – Big Girls Cry on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Watch: Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Learn Sia’s Chandelier Dance

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