Watch Skrillex Perform With His Former Emo Band From First To Last At LA Reunion Show

Footage has emerged of Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex), performing with his former emo band From First To Last in Los Angeles.

Moore joined From First To Last at LA’s Emo Nite party last night, where the band played a bunch of songs, including their recent single ‘Make War’, which features Moore on vocals. Watch assorted footage from the show, below.

Moore left From First To Last in 2007, after joining the group in 2004. He appears on their albums Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count (2004) and Heroine (2006).

Elsewhere in the Skrillex world, the producer has teamed up with rockers Incubus, and is set to appear on their new album.

Watch him perform with From First To Last, below.

Watch: From First To Last (With Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex)

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