Watch Snoop Dogg Crumble Under The Pressure Of Throwing The First Pitch At Baseball Game

Snoop Dogg was given the honour of throwing the first pitch at a recent MLB game between San Diego Padres and the Atlanta Braves and, well, it wasn’t great.

Weed and hand eye coordination aren’t exactly a match made in heaven so it’s puzzling as to why Snoop agreed to throw the first pitch at a baseball game but he did and it went exactly as you would expect.

Snoop looked like he knew exactly what he was doing but as soon as the ball left his hand it had other ideas, heading way wide of the catcher.

The rapper is lucky though because, and this is something we don’t say often, thanks to 50 Cent it’s not the worst pitch the MLB has ever seen. That honour belongs to 50 who threw an absolute shocker a few years back and as a result forever immortalised himself as a meme.


Even Snoop took a swipe at 50, retweeting an article that stated his pitch wasn’t as bad as 50’s and writing, “got u beat cuz”.

Measuring yourself against 50 Cent is not a wise way to live your life, but hey, you’ve gotta make yourself feel better somehow. Nice one Snoop. Snoop – 1, 50 – 0.

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