Watch Taylor Swift Team With Hayley Williams And Chris Carrabba To Cover Dashboard Confessional

Taylor Swift has proven once and for all that she is the mother of all BFFs. The pop star has surprised one of her girlfriends at a birthday party with an impromptu rendition of the Dashboard Confessional tune Hands Down, alongside some very special guests. Swift’s pop punk take on The Happy Birthday Song included an appearance by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and DC’s own Chris Carrabba.

By way of an intro speech, which you can also check out below via Tay Tay’s Insta, Swiftie announces that Dashboard Confessional has been her bestie Abigail’s favourite band since high school, before unveiling her surprise party guests.

“Do we have anybody here named Chris Carrabba?” the Shake It Off singer asks the crowd as her friend gasps in OMG-worthy surprise.

It’s heartwarming stuff to watch, but it’s also refreshing to see that international superstars who regularly perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people can have spirited off-key champagne-fuelled party singalongs with the same drunken commitment as the rest of us regular jackoffs.

Tay Tay may not have won the Hottest 100, but she’s definitely won the heart of her gal pal. Nawwww.

Watch: Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams & Chris Carrabba – Hands Down

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