Watch Taylor Swift’s Music Video For ‘Willow’

In case you ~somehow~ missed it, Taylor Swift surprise-dropped another album. It’s folklore’s sister album and it’s called evermore.

Now, we have a music video for ‘willow’ and fans have already pulled it apart to reveal the easter eggs inside.

Fans believe the new album and the film clip for ‘willow’ are Taylor Swift’s way of letting fans know she and Joe Alwyn are now married.

‘Willow’s video picks up where ‘cardigan’ left things. Where ‘cardigan’ ends with Swift returning to the cabin soaked from the rough ocean, ‘willow’ begins with Swift drying in a cardigan.

She returns back to the forest seen in ‘cardigan’ via the same chest.

So, the first thing fans have identified is the white dress. Quite simply, it looks like a wedding dress.

Then there’s the name: ‘evermore’. They’re playing on that whole “for evermore” thing.

There’s the engagement ring too. Fans went nuts after seeing a very engagement ring-looking ring on Swift’s left ring finger in her Netflix doco Miss Americana.

Neither Taylor Swift or Joe Alwyn have responded to the theories.

Regardless, the Swift-directed music video is amazing. Watch it below.

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