Watch The Chats Perform On Today Show After Awks Interview

The Chats went on The Today Show yesterday to perform their song ‘Pub Feed’. Before the performance though, they had a chat with hosts Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon and boy was it cringe.

Turns out Karl Stefanovic fancies The Chats’ tunes. He proves himself a fan asking, “Did it take you a long time to get the words together? Because musically you’re very good, I’ve been following you lads for quite some time now. Musically, you’re fantastic.”

He continues, “Did it take you long to get the words of great songs like ‘Mum Stole My Darts’, get those words right and out there?”

The Chats’ frontman Eamon Sandwith replies deadpan, “Yeah, we don’t try too hard.”

There’s lots of awkward references to being careful on “morning TV” and Karl does that ‘Rock On’ hand thing to the camera throughout the segment.

Once they get through the interview, Stefanovic introduces the ‘Pub Feed’ performance. “People right around Australia, you’re about to see something truly special. This is The Chats, these are remarkable young men, they’re setting the world on fire. Remember where you saw them first.”

You can watch them perform their Hottest 100 #21 tune down below.

The Sunny Coast band are currently touring with Laneway Festival and their debut album High Risk Behaviour is due on Thursday, 27th March.

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