Watch The Flaming Lips Play Live In Their Own Bubbles, To An Audience In Bubbles

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen bands innovate their performances by recording separately and piecing the performances together, and by offering up acoustic renditions. The Flaming Lips, however, took ingenuity to another realm when they were up for a performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert the other night.

The band chose to perform on-stage, together in plastic bubbles. They even gave a live audience plastic bubbles to enjoy for a socially distanced performance of their ‘Race for the Prize’. If this si the future of live music, bring it on.

Given the bubbles, it’s a pretty impressive performance. Catch it down below.

The Flaming Lips released a new single late last month. It’s called ‘Flowers of Neptune 6’ and it features vocals from Kasey Musgrave.

We recently put together our top five essential tracks from The Soft Bulletin, catch it here.

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