Watch: The Hives ‘Go Right Ahead’ Teaser Video

You might have already heard the new single Go Right Ahead of the forthcoming Hives record Lex Hives, but now you can enjoy it with a few still images taken from various Hives’ gigs.

Go Right Ahead is as loud and as brash as you’d expect from The Hives. As singer Howlin’ Pelle Almquist puts it…

“Here is our new song, we have done what we can with it. Now it’s your turn.”

As for the record itself, Lex Hives is due out on June 5, 2012. As Music Feeds previously reported, it will be The Hives’ first record in 5 years.

When speaking about the new record, Pelle said,

“I guess the idea is just to make it as Hives as possible, whereas the last record was The Hives shooting into the stratosphere and trying different things. Now… I hate it when people make ‘back to basics’ albums, that’s not what it is, it’s something else. But it’s more of us.”

The Hives – Go Right Ahead – Teaser Video

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