Image: YouTube / Frank Huang

Watch This Dude Sleep Through A Metal Band’s Entire Set

Footage has emerged of one seriously passed out dude sleeping through an entire set by US doom metal band Fórn in a Brooklyn warehouse, despite being only centimetres away from the band the entire time.

The culprit, who shall forever be known as “sleepy red shirt guy” according to Fórn, can be seen with his head on his knees throughout the band’s entire 22-minute set, and it’s really something to behold.

As Spin points out, Fórn have shared the video of the passed out concertgoer on Facebook, with the caption, “Apparently, 3am is too late of a set time for some people, like the dude who is passed out on stage the entire time that somehow none of us realized. Can somebody check on him and make sure he’s not dead?”

Someone claiming to be “sleepy red shirt guy” later commented, “Hey I’m that guy and I’m still alive unfortunately. I really dug everything I heard though even though I looked like the Minor Threat guy.”

“Sleepy red shirt guy” later added that he hopes to see the band again “when I haven’t been drinking all night lmao”.

Watch “sleepy red shirt guy” sleep through Fórn’s entire Brooklyn show below, as an example of what not to do at a metal show.

Watch: Dude Sleeps Through Fórn’s Entire Set (30/12/16)

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