Watch This Nan Go Apeshit As Taylor Swift Brings Mick Jagger Out Onstage

Taylor Swift has wheeled out some pretty impressive guests during her 1989 world tour so far. Let’s see… there’s been Beck and St. Vincent, Imagine Dragons, and Kiwi pop sensation Lorde to name a few. But perhaps none of them have been quite as mind-blowing as T-Swizzle’s most recent surprise get: Rolling Stone and bonafide rock legend Mick Jagger, who gloriously appeared during Swiftie’s tour stop in Nashville at the weekend.

It is significant then, that Tay and Mick’s landmark superstar collab has been eclipsed by a video of someone’s nan, who was in the crowd, ABSOLUTELY LOSING HER SHIT AT THE SIGHT OF MICK JAGGER.

Swift brought Jagger out onstage to perform The Stones’ classic Satisfaction, but the 72-year-old punter’s reaction ended up stealing the show.

Luckily, the elated matriarch’s daughter filmed the whole thing and shared it online (because nothing says ‘I love you nan’ quite like uploading embarrassing footage to YouTube). Said footage shows the old dear squealing with joy and probably almost soiling her adult diaper at the site of the Rolling Stones frontman onstage.

According to the video’s description, the granny had been a Stones fan her whole life, and had always dreamed of catching the band in concert, but a bout of poor health stopped her from attending their most recent tour.

Luckily Tay Tay, whom she calls “an excellent role model” for her young granddaughter, has changed all that.

The Bad Blood singer even shared the video of the euphoric nan on her own social media pages.

Enjoy the hilarious, heartwarming footage (which, just by the by, is literally crying out for an autotune remix), below.

Swift meanwhile, is set to bring her 1989 tour to Australia this November and December. Check out our gallery of 12 legit celebs we think Swiftie might bring out while she’s here, below as well.

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