Watch: Thom Yorke Gives Dating Advice To Teenagers

Whether you’re currently a teenager or your adolescence is just a faded memory of humiliation and rejection, at one stage during those awkward years each of us surely encountered a situation where we thought, “What would Thom Yorke do?”

Well, thanks to Rookie Mag’s series Ask A Grown Man, young ladies will no longer have to speculate as to how Yorke would approach the boy you have a crush on.

Yorke, along with Atoms For Peace bandmate Nigel Godrich, fields a variety of questions from teenage girls regarding relationships including how best to handle nerves, if it’s OK to break-up with someone because they’re boring, and dealing with physical imperfections.

In regard to the jolts felt when you have a crush on someone, Yorke describes the sensation as one of the most pleasant experiences of life:

“Those little electrical impulses, they’re the best bit… They’re one of the nice things about being alive … so enjoy it.”

Thankfully, the guys stick to the topic of relationships, and aren’t offering any sort of help with English homework (‘packt’ is spelled p-a-c-k-e-d, Thom) or maths problems (2 + 2 = 5? Come on!). Of course, both Yorke and Godrich both admit to attending boys schools so most of their experience with the opposite sex would likely have come after the age of 18. Still, it’s good to know they care enough to pass on what advice they have.

Watch: Ask a Grown Man – Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich

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