Watch Thom Yorke Save The Day During Radiohead Gig Disruption With Epic Acapella Performance

Technical difficulties, shmechnical difficulties. It takes more than that to stop Thom Yorke.

Fans got a special treat from the Radiohead frontman during the band’s recent gig at Argentina’s Soundhearts Festival.

Instead of cracking idle banter or standing around awkwardly after a crowd barrier broke, bringing the show to a halt while security rushing to get it fixed, Yorke stunned the audience with a rare acapella rendition of fan favourite tune, ‘The Gloaming’.

While the crowd waited, Yorke soothed the potentially dangerous situation with a stripped-bare, vocal-only version of the song from 2003’s, Hail To The Thief.

What a legend.

Other singers, kindly take note.

You can check out footage of the whole thing below.

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