Watch Tim Minchin Perform ‘Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long’ On ‘Corden’

Tim Minchin was the latest musical guest on The Late Show with James Corden, where the Aussie singer-songwriter delivered a powerful rendition of his song ‘Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long’ alongside his backing band.

The song comes from Minchin’s debut studio album, Apart Together, which arrived back in November last year anchored by singles like ‘Leaving LA’ and ‘I’ll Take Lonely Tonight’.

Elsewhere on the show, Minchin discussed the life cycles of cicadas with Corden and talked about how ‘Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long’ came to be.

“Quite often, I find myself waking up in the morning having been out with friends or at a dinner party. I love nothing more than drinking wine with friends around a dinner party and having a good chat,” Minchin explained.

“I don’t mind a wrestle over ideas and I love a gentle argument, but I quite often wake up in the morning and say to [wife Sarah Minchin], ‘Did I… Did we… I think I might have… Did I talk too much? And did we stay a bit long?’ And this became this refrain, that my remorse in the morning was all about, ‘I should have left earlier and just shut up, shouldn’t I?'”

“Then I thought, that’d be a good epitaph, I should have that on my tombstone – “talked too much and stayed too long”. Then I thought, well, if I’m going to have it on my tombstone, I should write a song about my life, tracking all the times I’ve not shut up.”

Last year also saw Minchin team up with rapper Briggs to deliver the scorching lockdown collab ‘HouseFyre’, which took Prime Minister Scott Morrison to task on everything from his government’s handling of the 2019/2020 bushfire crisis to their response in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It arrived alongside a music video courtesy of Christan Van Vuuren of Bondi Hipsters fame.

Watch Minchin talk to Corden and perform ‘Talked Too Much, Stayed Too Long’ below.

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