Watch Tourists Block Traffic On The Abbey Road Crossing Live Feed

In the 45 years since The Beatles took the photo that adorns the cover of their classic 1969 album Abbey Road, the zebra crossing featured in the famous snap has become a popular tourist attraction. If you don’t believe us, just look at the stream below, courtesy of Abbey Road Studios’ very own live feed.

This somewhat voyeuristic flight of fancy allows anyone with access to an internet connection to watch tourists ceaselessly piss off London motorists as they recreate the cover of Abbey Road. “Is this live?” asked one incredulous viewer on Reddit. “I was just shocked as I saw a bunch of idiots straight away.”

As The Independent reports, while things tend to slow down at night, during the day you can see tourist group after tourist group risk their lives for a cheesy photo, while some internet users in the midst of marathon viewings reportedly claim to have seen several very near road accidents on the iconic site.

It’s little wonder then that, as BBC News reported last month, Westminster City Council have considered placing a lollipop lady at the site in order to avoid any potential fatalities and to address the complaints of local residents, who’ve bemoaned the increase in traffic during the height of the summer season.

Readers can check out the live stream below or over at the official Abbey Road Studios website, where studio management have even begun collecting screen grabs from the live feed to add to their own Wall of Fame section, which includes a shot of one industrious tourist in a Yellow Submarine costume.

Watch: Abbey Road Live Stream

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