Watch Weezer’s Drummer Achieve The Impossible With A Frisbee Mid-Song

Rick Allen, eat your heart out. Though the Def Leppard drummer may have defied the odds by overcoming the complete amputation of his left arm to continue drumming for the legendary English hard rock outfit, he doesn’t even come close to the feat accomplished by Weezer‘s Patrick Wilson.

As if the band’s sweetly-sung power pop tunes weren’t enough to endear them to fans die-hard and casual alike, during a show in St Augustine, Florida on Friday night, drummer Wilson caught a frisbee one-handed during the band’s performance of their 2005 hit Beverly Hills, without missing a beat.

And it’s not just Weezer fans who are impressed by the video of the catch heard ’round the world, which is currently orbiting the web. The band’s frontman Rivers Cuomo later took to Twitter to share the clip and add, “One more reason [Patrick Wilson] is my favorite [sic] drummer in the world:)”

Watch: Weezer’s Patrick Wilson Mid-Beverly Hills Frisbee Catch–ro

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Photos by Zoltan Blazer

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