Wavves Releases New Song, Threatens To Leak New Album After Heated Twitter Battle With Label

Californian stoner Nathan Williams aka Wavves has dropped a new song Way Too Much and announced his fifth album against his record label’s will

Wavves dropped Way Too Much and then entered into a Twitter feud with his label Warner Brothers Records after they allegedly tried to pull the song down.

“Sorry @wbr its already out if you pull the song ill post the whole album,” he tweeted, threatening to post the follow-up 2013’s Afraid Of Heights.

“its so obnoxious to work tirelessly on something and then have a bunch of ppl who just see me as a money sign go and fuck it all up,” he added.

“Listen to the music. do you like the music? we worked hard on it. what did warner do? they heard it once and tried to make edits. i said no”

Wavves eventually won the fight with the label deciding to leave the song on Spotify and set an official iTunes release date for Monday 20th July. He’s also put the track on Soundcloud, tweeting the link directly at Warner, after the label continued to take it down from YouTube.

He then decided to announce the album which will be called V and will be part of a trilogy of albums with the other two to be titled VV and VVV.

Wavves’, well, waves of tweets, continue to flow in at the time of writing, with the young muso utilising WWE Wrestling gifs to emphasise the point that he’s not fucking around. For what it’s worth, TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek is along for the ride.

Wavves has obviously been working tirelessly on new music this year. Along with recording a new Wavves album, he released a collaboration with American indie-rock band Cloud Nothings No Life For Me in June.

Read all his tweets and listen to the new song below.

Listen: Wavves – Way Too Much

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