Weezer: Fun (Supposed) Facts

Alternative rock outfit Weezer has officially announced their 2013 Australian tour, which will see the band play their debut record The Blue Album in its entirety as well as their greatest hits and a collection of rarities. The upcoming ‘memory’ tour is the first time Weezer has visited Australia in approximately 16 years, and only the second time the band has toured Australia in Weezer’s 20-year career.

The last time Weezer was in Australia, it was behind their second record Pinkerton, an album which although not well received upon release, went on to become a cult classic and considered one of the most memorable records of the 90s.

Now that Weezer are finally headed back to Australia, Music Feeds has decided to take advantage of a slow news day and use some left over info from the press release to bring you some Weezer ‘Fun (Supposed) Facts’.

*Note: Most of these facts have been sourced from a press release or the figurative fringes of the Internet. Their legitimacy is not beyond question…enjoy!

Weezer – Fun (Supposed) Facts:

. Rivers’ first real concert was Men At Work in 1983 on the Cargo tour.

. While recording their debut record The Blue Album, Weezer was interrupted for a day because Taylor Dayne had a video shoot in the same room, and it couldn’t be rescheduled.

. Undone – The Sweater Song originally had over 20 different samples in it, including the voices of Darth Vader, Charlie Brown, Gollum, and Humphrey Bogart. These samples were replaced with the voices of Matt Sharp, Mykel Allen and Karl Koch, and “background party noise” from a sound effects CD that was licensed for use anywhere.

. The Blue Album was recorded in Electric Lady, which was built by Jimi Hendrix. During the recording of The Blue Album, the volume knobs on the guitar amps would sometimes be turned all the way up when we came back from lunch. No one was in the room when this happened, and we were informed the ghost of Jimi would do this when he liked the guitar tones he heard.

. The Blue Album reportedly remained in the Billboard’s Top 200 album chart for 76 weeks, peaking at number 16.

. Weezer’s now celebrated second album Pinkerton was once listed by Rolling Stone as one of the worst albums of 1996. (That one’s true; i read it in a book. It even has a reference. Cheers Craig Schuftan)

. While writing Weezer’s third record, commonly known as The Green Album, frontman Rivers Cuomo created a binder of information dubbed the ‘Encyclopaedia of Pop’; in which Cuomo charted the characteristics of hit songs by bands such as Nirvana and Oasis in an effort to find any common threads. (read that one is the same book)

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