Weezer Say They’re Planning A Weezer-Inspired Album

Weezer have confirmed that one of their upcoming four albums will be Weezer-inspired. The project comes as part of four albums inspired by different artists.

The band’s guitarist and keyboard player Brian Bell confirmed the plan in an interview with Kyle Meredith With podcast.

Frontman Rivers Cuomo had already revealed two of the artists they’d be taking inspo from: Elliott Smith and Franz Ferdinand. So Meredith asked Bell about the two others.

“Well, Weezer is one of them. And I ain’t joking,” laughs Bell.

“A Weezer-inspired Weezer album.”

But with so many releases, which era of the band will the album be based on?

Bell said, “We sometimes refer to ‘Island in the Sun’ as a sound, as a thing.”

“And one of my favorite quotes from Pat (drummer) was like — when Rivers got all into co-writing and stuff, I don’t know when that was, Raditude period or whatever — Pat goes, “I want him to co-write with the guy that wrote ‘Say It Ain’t So’.”

“‘Island in the Sun’, if we could figure out what that was — sometimes those things just happen,” he said.

“We know what vibe, musically, that evoked, and also lyrically. It was a little bit of a departure. It wasn’t so personal, it was more a universal feeling. We do think about those things.”

Aside from the four inspired albums, the band has another album incoming. Van Weezer is due to drop Friday, 7th May.

They also released their 14th studio album a couple of weeks ago, OK Human.

Have a listen to lead single ‘All My Favorite Songs’ below and catch the chat with Kyle Meredith With podcast.

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