Weird Al Wants You To Shut Up About Your ‘Lame Claim To Fame’

Weird Al Yankovic‘s eight-day music video marathon has seen our beloved purveyor of parody issue some sly, tongue-in-cheek criticisms of 21st Century life. In his latest, Lame Claim To Fame, Al takes on pseudo-name-droppers and people who boast about irrelevant online achievements.

Al’s eye-popping stop-motion animation video is set to a country-rock jam filled to the brim with the narrator’s inconsequential achievements — “I posted first in the comments on a YouTube video” — and cringeworthy non-interactions with celebrities, like sharing a birthday with Kim Kardashian.

With Lame Claim To Fame, Weird Al Week 2014 is almost at an end. Al kicked things off last week with the release of his Pharrell parody, Tacky, before unveiling Word Crimes, Foil, Handy, Sports Song, and yesterday, his querulous homage to alt-rock greats the Pixies, First World Problems.

Check out all of this week’s new music right here!

Check out all of this week’s new videos right here!

Watch: Weird Al Yankovic – Lame Claim To Fame

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