While We Weren’t Watching Edward Snowden Made A Terrible Music Video

Edward Snowden has attached his name not only to a strange new techno single titled Exit, but also to its accompanying bizarre video. The clip has seen the light of day this afternoon and begs the most legit question pitched to Snowden in recent memory – “Man, WTF?”

Let’s start with the video. At worst it’s cringe-worthy, at best it’s cheesy. Pieced together using a montage of panning security camera footage, zooming satellite video, green text and generic hacking visuals, the video feels like the intro to a early afternoon Fox 8 program that even free to air TV wouldn’t touch.

Random shots of the Pentagon are interjected with closing camera shutters and snippets of keyboards being manhandled – basically a whole lot of things that pretty much just highlight “Hey guys, remember what Snowden did in 2013?”

Yes, yes. We remember.

The track was composed with the help of producer Jean-Michel Jarre which actually lends a lot of credibility to the track which otherwise oozes a bit of a mad grab to retain relevancy. It’s fast, with an in your face beat and sharp as knives synth – reminiscent of the tightening grasp the government has on society and the overbearing gaze of big business.

Or, you know, that thing about retaining relevance.

WATCH: Jean-Michel Jarre + Edward Snowden – Exit

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