Willow Smith, Zendaya & More Are Copping It Over This Cringey David Bowie Tribute

Willow Smith, Zendaya and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka teamed up to perform a David Bowie cover and the internet has some, well, thoughts.

The trio’s rendition of the late legend’s 1972 hit ‘Changes’ was originally released in 2016, two months after Bowie died at the age of 69.

However, W Magazine has just re-shared the clip to mark what would’ve been the late singer’s 75th birthday, captioning it: “… watch as the stars deliver a heartfelt rendition of the legendary rocker’s hit song.”

However, Bowie fans haven’t reacted quite so positively to the vid’s resurgence.

The comment section has exploded with criticism, with fans’ reactions ranging from the cringe to the downright offended.

“I thought this was gonna be cute but instead it felt blasphemous,” one commented.

While others were frustrated by the young stars having to all read the lyrics off a piece a paper, claiming this showed the stunt didn’t come from a place of authentic Bowie fandom.

“Why are they reading these iconic lyrics off a page!!??? If they don’t know them off by heart like any Bowie fan then,” one fan wrote.

Another added: “Why on earth would you give them a Bowie song when, obviously from watching this, they have no concept of what a Bowie song is??”

While others likened the video to Gal Gadot’s notoriously cringe celeb-studded ‘Imagine’ cover.

“Ya’ll really didnt learn anything from that Gal Gadot ‘imagine’ video, huh?” one wrote.

Check it out and see what you reckon for yourself below.


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