World’s Biggest Rock Drummers Combine Forces For ‘Man Of Steel’ Score

If you’ve managed to squeeze in the time to check out the latest Hollywood blockbuster Man Of Steel, you’ll have realised it features a rather drum-heavy soundtrack. Now the man behind the film’s music, Hans Zimmer, has unveiled a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the score’s percussion sessions, which saw 12 of the world’s best drummers all form the best drum circle yet.

In the clip below you’ll notice a small crowd of musicians including Matt Chamberlain, Sheila E., Nine Inch Nails’ Josh Freese, Pharrell Williams, John JR Robinson, Trevor Lawrence, Jr, Danny Carey of Tool and just about every other prominent figure in the drumming world bar Joey Jordison and Dave Grohl. The horde have gathered together under the watchful eye of Zimmer who leads them into a unified groove, before allowing them to unleash.

The film also features a heavy arrangement of strings but, unfortunately, they didn’t tag 12 of the world’s best guitarists to come in and melt faces. Zimmer planned to produce a sound that was “as radically different from Dark Knight” as manageable and as you’ll see in the next video below, he’s done a solid job of it.

You’ll also notice a guest appearance from the only 8-string bass steel guitar in the world. Check it out.

Watch: Man Of Steel – Soundtrack percussion session

Watch: Man Of Steel – Soundtrack strings session

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