Wu-Tang Announce RZA-Raekwon Truce, Then Change Their Minds?

It’s seemed over the last few months that as the hype and anticipation surrounding the Wu-Tang Clan‘s new album The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has increased, so too has the intensity of words traded by RZA and Raekwon, but reports suggest that the two may have now called a truce.

Last month, RZA issued an ultimatum to his estranged bandmate, telling him via Sports Illustrated that he has “30 days” to “come to terms” with the rest of Wu-Tang or their album A Better Tomorrow would be released without his input or possibly be “an album that never sees the light of day.”

Meanwhile, Raekwon has been making cryptic statements to the press in regards to where he presently stands with the Clan, telling Rolling Stone that he is “on strike” from the Wu-Tang Clan and when asked to rank what the chances of him appearing on the new album are, said, “We at a two.”

Now, according to Pitchfork, a missive posted to the official Wu-Tang Clan website has announced a truce between the two members, reading, “Breaking news: Raekwon and Rza truce: Raekwon scheduled to hit studio to complete verses for album: A Better Tomorrow Details coming!”

The same missive was quoted by NME and others, however, the dispatch in question — posted to the official Wu-Tang Clan blog — now indicates that the two are merely “in talks about going in the studio,” with no mention of a truce in the body of the post and a promise of more details soon.

With no indication of an edit in the post and no explanation or clarification from official Wu-Tang sources, fans are left to wonder just what the situation between Raekwon and the rest of the group presently is. A snippet was recently shared of The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolinlisten here.

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