Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA Has Made An Ambient Meditation EP For A Tea Company

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA has shared an ambient meditation/self-help EP sponsored by American tea company Tazo Tea.

Titled Guided Explorations, the EP opens with the rapper telling listeners that “exploration has been essential to [his] process,” and that the series attempts to share that process. Encouraging listeners to find a comfortable space to sit, ready their bodies and minds and “prepare to unlock hidden powers,” RZA goes on to offer various guided meditations and self-help advice over ambient soundscapes and chill beats.

From meditative instruction to thoughtful ruminations on competitive pressure and distractions, RZA encourages positive thinking and growth on the 30-minute collection, offering advice on overcoming obstacles in your path.

“My approach to life has been to find order in chaos. I think of myself as the sun at the centre of the universe, and in my solar system, I’m surrounded by distractions. All that shit is just planets, asteroids and comets spinning around me or flying past me,” offers RZA early into the EP.

“Think of the things in your life that stifles progress or heightens your anxiety. Observe what crashes into your orbit. Noise, work drama, negativity. See them all as little planets, asteroids, spiralling towards you. They feel like they have an impact, but remember: you are the sun.”

That’s the general vibe of the 30-minute collection. I just listened to the first two tracks and am having a very chill time and also feel quite motivated, tbh.

Listen to Guided Explorations below. Wu-Tang’s last album was 2017’s The Saga Continues.

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