Wu-Tang Clan Share Snippet Of $5 Million Album

It may not be enough to quell the salivating masses, but unless you’re willing to cough up some serious cheese, this snippet is the closest you’re going to get to hearing the Wu-Tang Clan‘s mystical, new, one-of-a-kind album, for which bids of up to $5 million have reportedly been offered.

The record, dubbed The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is being stored safely in a Moroccan vault on behalf of an Clan affiliate located in Marrakesh, who was decent enough to allow Forbes wordsmith Zack O’Malley Greenburg to not only see the physical unit, but also hear a brief interval.

The audio was sampled from an unknown track on the album and features prominent member Ghostface Killa spitting some of his characteristically raspy rhymes. The snippet comes as proof that this album, crafted in secrecy through years of hushed murmurs and doubt, is actually legit.

The affiliate goes by the name of Cilvaringz, a Clan associate since 1999, and his hand has been driving the project in every sphere from the production to finding the artist who produced the album’s incredibly detailed and opulent packaging, which was designed by British-Moroccan artist Yahya.

According to Cilvaringz, the project has not been embraced by fans. “I’m being crucified by Wu fans everyday. They go for me, and I understand it. It’s understandable. But I really believe in this approach. I think it’s very necessary. I think people are responding to it in a very interesting way.”

He described the album as, “Rugged. Even the way we mixed it, the way we mastered it. We used Ken Lewis, who’s done Watch The Throne, Twisted Fantasy… He’s done some big acts that had a bit of the rough sound, the dirty gritty sound. The whole approach of it had to be ’93 to ’97.”

Not only is the album being kept in a safe, it’s being kept in a box, stored in another box. They aren’t taking any chances, it seems. O’Malley Greenburg, who documented his journey included the snippet in his final edit, which you can watch below. The verse drops around the 9:14 mark.

Adding to the hype of The Wu is the fact that only one copy will be released. The $5 million starting price comes after a “credible” offer came through to Clan leader RZA. You can take a gander at the official album below. Based on aesthetics alone, it’s no wonder why it’s worth millions.

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