X Japan Have Nearly Finished Their First Album In 22 Years

X Japan have revealed that their long-awaited sixth album is nearly with us.

The band have promised that they will deliver the follow-up to 1996’s Dahlia sometime this year as they’re just putting the finishing touches on it.

Founder and drummer Yoshiki spoke to CoS about the record saying, “Recording’s done pretty much, we just have to mix it.”

As for the sound of it, it’s going to be like no other X Japan record you’ve heard so far. For one, “99% of the songs are in English and it’s our first record targeting a worldwide audience,” he said.

“It’s pretty edgy. It’s eclectic. Even though people want to say X Japan’s heavy-metal or hard rock, the album is very eclectic and a wide range is covered. I hope this album can contribute in bringing rock to the mainstream. I think I’m pretty confident.”

The album was recorded in Yoshiki’s LA studio and features Marilyn Manson who recently jumped up on stage with the band at Coachella.

Two of the band’s members have passed since their last record. Bass guitarist Taiji passed in 2011 and lead guitarist hide passed in 1998.

“It’s sentimental because we had 2 deaths since our previous record,” Yoshiki further said about the record.

“I have been influenced by so many types of music, hardcore punk-rock to classical, and everything in between, but I try to focus on the rock side which is my strength.”

Expect to hear the album in late winter or early autumn.

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