Xzibit Gets In Altercation With Aussie Promoter, Chairs Thrown

Disagreements, even fisticuffs, between promoters and artists and their management are about as common as Australian hip-hop tours experiencing difficulties, and the latest visit from West Coast veteran Xzibit has combined the two, leading the rapper to curse out his promoter on stage.

New videos show Xzibit in a backstage altercation with his Australian promoter Patrick Whyntie, who raps under the name Mastacraft, and on stage at the Adelaide UniBar, directing fury at Wyntie. On stage, Xzibit tells Whyntie, “You either a rapper or you a promoter. You know what I’m saying? You can’t do both,” before leading the crowd in a chorus of “Fuck you, Patrick!”

According to comments on Whyntie’s personal Facebook page, the dispute was prompted by a “backstage tantrum” from the rapper, who had allegedly been “disrespecting every [member of] staff backstage” and acting in a “diva” manner. But DJ Victor Lopez says that the rapper’s sour mood was due to his being picked up from the airport in “a dodgy old Subaru with broken windows.”

Whyntie insisted that he and his team “treated him like royalty” as they had previously done when working with him during Whyntie’s Heatwave event. “Moments before he flipped out I had just had my guys running around to make sure every last need was taken care of!” writes the promoter.

“SO WHY on earth would any of the team Xpect [sic] you or deserve you to talk to us like shit, throw a tantrum and piss on everything we did for you! What caused this? X being a drunken dickhead thats what,” he continues. Whyntie alleged that after hyping the rapper on stage, he walked into a dispute between local emcee Rynoe and Xzibit’s manager, Phil, with Xzibit later getting involved.

But Lopez says that due to poor event management, the West Coast legend was forced to take a taxi to his sound check, only to find that nothing had been set up. “When it came time to come down to the show, his crew tried calling Pat to find out where their ride was. No answer. Pat was on stage performing. So they caught cabs again,” writes Lopez.

According to the promoter, after a scuffle between the three, Xzibit played his show, during which he launched his dis at Whyntie, “1/3rd of the crowd walked out,” and police arrived because someone had allegedly brought in a taser for the rapper to use. However, Xzibit claims they were called in to settle the dispute.

Watch: Xzibit vs Patrick Wyntie

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