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Image for Yelawolf Says White Rappers Have A Place, Lord Jamar Bites Back

Yelawolf Says White Rappers Have A Place, Lord Jamar Bites Back

Written by Greg Moskovitch on November 8, 2013

After an interview in which rapper Lord Jamar of legendary hip-hop group Brand Nubian stated that whites are “guests in the house of hip-hop,” the emcee has now hit out at white rapper Yelawolf, over his response to the comments.

“I can agree with him on one side of it. I think he’s right,” said Yelawolf his VladTV interview. White artists are definitely a guest when it comes to the culture of black America’s musical arts, whether it be hip-hop, blues or even rock & roll, if you wanna look at it that deep.”

However, Yelawolf said that he has faced travails in being a guest, saying “I feel like, as a white rapper, the house that I’ve been a guest in hasn’t been no fuckin’ good-time sleepover. I haven’t exactly had the fuckin’ red carpet laid out for me. I had to fight for my spot. But, it is what it is.”

These comments, and Yelawolf’s assertion that “everybody has a place,” irked the Brand Nubian emcee, who responded with an obscene Twitter tirade in which he attacked the rapper’s Southern background and his white fan base, tweeting, “Fuck Yelawolf and everyone of his redneck fans.”

Jamar then posted a list of his favourite white rappers––a list which included white hip-hop legend Eminem, who is ironically the artist responsible for bringing notoriety to Yelawolf, signing him to his Shady Records label in 2011 and releasing his breakthrough album, Radioactive, that year.

Jamar then responded to a tweet from Vlad TV, who were promoting the Yelawolf interview, tweeting, “Exclusive! Yelawolf: Lord Jamar Can’t Put Boundaries on Music,” to which Jamar responded, “Mr. Yelawolf gonna get himself beat the fuck up if he not careful.”

Yelawolf has since responded on his Facebook page, inviting Jamar to attend any of his upcoming tour dates to make good on his threat and once again responding to the ‘guest’ comment, saying:

“Since I’m paying rent to be here, I’m gonna need the landlord to come fix this plumbing issue cause all I see is your shit.”

In his interview, Jamar addressed issues of cultural appropriation and the erosion of hip-hop as a quintessentially black cultural element, while discussing the emergence of ‘gay-friendly’ rap, which, Jamar said, is part of a larger white agenda that seeks to take over hip-hop.

Yelawolf responded to these comments in his interview as well, saying, “To say homosexuality has no place in Hip Hop is ignorant. That ain’t got nothin’ to do with him being Black, or White, or nobody. That’s just stupid. What the fuck are you talking about, man? It’s music.”

Readers can watch both interviews, below.

(Via HipHopDX)

Watch: VladTV Interview With Lord Jamar

Watch: VladTV Interview With Yelawolf

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