Yes, David Duchovny Is A Folk Singer Now

The truth is out there, and apparently so is X-Files actor David Duchovny‘s new solo album. Agent Fox Mulder is set go moody folk-rock in Duchovny’s debut LP, dubbed Hell or Highwater, which is slated for release in May.

According to a press release, the 12-track disc sees People Magazine‘s former Sexiest Man Alive delivering “poetic lyrics and infectious melodies”. A Cure-like instrumental preview of title track Hell or Highwater and the record’s indie-folk-leaning Another Year have been released, providing a rough glimpse of what the LP will sound like (below).

“Making this record is a dream come true, but I never had this dream – it’s still a shock when I think about how all this music happened,” Duchovny says of the release. “What I do know is that I feel these songs represent the truest expression that I’ve ever been able to achieve and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.”

All 12 songs were written by the man himself, and Duchovny has told USA Today that he was backed by “a group of musicians who perform separately under the name Weather” and give his songs “a ’90s-rock feel in the vein of The Wallflowers and Gin Blossoms”.

The actor also plans to make some live appearances with the band but hasn’t gone so far as to book a tour. “I’m lucky enough to be able to book some really great TV spots and get exposure that a normal new artist, which is what I guess I am in this field, wouldn’t be able to get,” he says.

“I’m learning what it’s like to sing with a live band, how close to be to the mic, learning about singing, period,” he continues. “It’s a journey of discovery for me. I hope that I get to discover certain things before the audience does, so it’s not too painful.”

Duchovny’s foray into the world of music comes at a time when the ’90s heartthrob is launching not so much of a comeback as a full-scale assault on pop culture. The actor released his first novel in February (New York Times best-seller Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale), he’s got a new TV series, called Aquarius, debuting in May, and the Fox Network recently announced plans to revive his hit TV show The X Files for a six-episode run. This is some Franco type shit right here.

Listen: David Duchovny – Hell Or Highwater Preview

Watch: David Duchovny – Another Year Preview

Hell or Highwater Tracklist:

01. Let it Rain

02. 3000

03. Stars

04. Hell or Highwater

05. The Things

06. The Rain Song

07. Unsaid Undone

08. Lately it’s Always December

09. Another Year

10. Passenger

11. When The Time Comes

12. Positively Madison Avenue

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