You Can Now Make Music Simply By Drawing Or Uploading An Image In Your Browser

Here’s a really good addition to the argument that anybody can make music these days.

Pixelsytnth is a new online synth made specifically for your browser that allows you to make noise by drawing on the screen.

It was created by US coder Olivia Jack, who has somehow translated image to sound. Within your browser, you’re given a set of pre-made images which you can choose to work over. As pointed out by Factmag, the notes play when the scrolling cursor moves over light.

The notes are affected by the height of the light and the brightness which you can change. You can also change things like the scale and starting octave to suit yourself. Basically, there is some skill involved in getting it just right and the more you draw all over the page, the more it sounds like a hot mess.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can upload your own image and see what sound it makes. Just incase you want to gift someone with a song made from an image of their own face.

This may make very little sense without trying it so it’s probably best you head here and begin work on your masterpiece. If you’re a bit confused you can also watch a demonstration below.

Watch: Shocking pictures turn to sound with Pixelsynth

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