Young Thug’s Mum Made Him Go Back To The Airport And Apologise After He Abused Airline Staff

Last week, Laneway-bound Atlanta rapper Young Thug had an altercation with airline staff after he missed his flight during a US tour.

The rapper accused them of trying to make him miss his show and then offered them $15,000 to quit their jobs. He then called them “bums” and surprisingly not one of them took up the offer to quit their job for $15K.

Now, he’s had to return to the airport and eat humble pie because his Mum made him.

Like your Mum made you do when you smashed your neighbours window and tried to hide it, she made him go back to the airport and apologise to the staff.

Following the attack on airline staff he posted a number of apology videos but his Mum obviously thought that it needed to be done in person so he returned to the aiport, posting an Instagram picture to prove it.

“When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize. Sorry love ones,” he wrote on Insty.

Thugger will be down-under next year for Laneway Festival and as far as we know his Mum won’t be with him to keep him in line so let’s hope her behaves.

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When your mama make u go to the airport and apologize sorry love ones….

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