• Interview: The Ray Mann Three

    Interview: The Ray Mann Three

    The Ray Mann Three are exactly the band you should never leave your girlfriend alone with. They fuse the sweets soul of Al Green with the raw sex of D’Angleo and their grooves are sexier than a busload of French maids broken down by the side of the highway.

  • Sickboy!


    While their bass player is gallivanting around the United Kingdom chasing skirt, Sickboy’s singer/guitarist Mark Spence is passing the time till next month’s release of their new EP (Water Never Waits) by gracing the Hopetoun with his presence on the 27th of July as part of the Secluded Sundays line up hosted by the fine

  • Papa vs. Pretty

    Papa vs. Pretty

    I recently had the unsual pleasure of my knickers being thoroughly moistened by a group of 17 year old boys. No it is not the bi-line to the latest Bill Henson photograph, it is Papa Vs Pretty – a gaggle of kiddies, who, like the fine wine they are not legally allowed to purchase yet,

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