• Profiles In Glory: Easy Star All-Stars

    Profiles In Glory: Easy Star All-Stars

    The Easy Star All-Stars are one of the best bands in the world. That’s a big statement you say? Well, they released dub-reggae covers of Dark Side Of The Moon (Dub Side Of The Moon) and O.K Computer (Radiodread). That’s not enough? Then factor into this that they are signed to their own New York

  • “Shamanic Period Of The Knee Resonance” i like cats

    “Shamanic Period Of The Knee Resonance” i like cats

    Hailing from the fence filled shores of Stanmore, i like cats will be supporting CODA Friday Sep 12th at Manning Bar along with WIM and main support Cloud Control. Intrigued by their penchant for indulgent and spleen-jarring crescendos, I sat down with some of the guys to discuss where they get their inspiration from.

  • Paste Modernism

    Paste Modernism

    Paste Modernism is a guerrilla art exhibition of paste-up works by more than 20 artists who decorated/bombed a secret inner city location, revealed the day before the exhibition opened on 30 August.

  • Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 4

    Cj Shaw: Bike Tour ‘08 Part 4

    Join C.J for his ramshackle journey across NSW with nothing more than his bike, his guitar and his missus by his side. We watched Angus and Julia Stone video clips in the morning in our suite at the Astor Hotel in Goulburn, found out too that Angus is just a boy, albeit one with a



    Kool Keith is a man of many faces. With over 60 aliases and more than 44 albums he is both prolific and seemingly schizophrenic, as well as being undeniably talented. If you’ve never heard of him, search Poppa Large on YouTube straight away and then come back and finish reading this article. A core member

  • Buffing Up With Bob Corbett

    Buffing Up With Bob Corbett

    With more upcoming gigs than a junky has scabs, Music Feeds sat down with Bob Corbett to discuss his intense performance regime, looping and what could have been.

  • Blackwater at The Annandale Hotel – 4th September 2008
    Gig Reviews

    Blackwater at The Annandale Hotel – 4th September 2008

    Firstly, this was one of the loudest nights of rock I had been to in a while, so it suited the Annandale house perfectly. Nothing’s fits better. The first two songs belted out were ‘Don’t Ask’ followed by ‘Fever’, though both high energy tracks, the latter being more reminiscent of a Deep Purple tune. After

  • Jazz with Zazz #3

    Jazz with Zazz #3

    Let’s jump straight in this week with a band that’s got a lot of people confused simply by their name. They’re called Aunty Richard and they recently launched their debut contemporary jazz album Leaf Blower at the Basement, much to my tongue-wagging delight.

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