Splendour in the Grass 2011

No one really likes camping festivals, do they? They’re usually expensive, exhausting, muddy and full of smelly bogans who have no festival etiquette whatsoever…

But then there is Splendour In The Grass, the holy grail of Australian camping festivals. Yes, we love Splendour In The Grass and we’re pretty damn jealous of all of those lucky punters making the pilgrimage to Woodfordia this year to see another spectacular line up of bands including Pulp, Coldplay, Kanye West, The Hives and loads more.

This weekend we’re going to try and live through our friends at the festival with regular updates and we’ll also be checking in with our secret spies to find out all of news up to the minute and dubious rumours such as the one about the Jay Z joining Kanye West on stage tonight…. What?! You didn’t hear about that? You better check out our info below!

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Sunday 31/07 Highlights

– No reports of any ill behaviour so far. Everything seems to be running smoothly, apart from the ocassional traffic jam by the mix up Stage. Some reports have critisied the festival as overly commercalised but the festival experience (even the toilets) had proved itself as possiby the best in the world. Campers have been very respectful with only a minor interuption early this morning with revellers blasting LMFAO at 3am before promptly switching off. Good times!

Saturday 30/07 Highlights

Day two: Full Review here

– While Jane’s Addiction played headline slot in ampitheatre, Pnau had the crowds. Apparently there were Pinup girl backdrops for Janes Addiction.

Regina Spektor wooed folk/indie lovers with her touching melodic piano, but battled aginst sound interferance from the mix up stage at one point, describing the noise pollution like “a computer games arcade in here.” Fans were unfazed as they battled to squeze into the ballooning tent. The back tent flap was raised up by those eager to catch a glimpse.

Foster The People had massive a turnout – fans were spilling out of the tent. The band were overwhelmed with the support.

Gomez were also a fav with alternative lovers as there herbal sounds struck a chord with many.

Mars Volta’s quirky songs and rowdy stage performance kept us interest on main stage. A wobbly mic stand appeared to frustrate lead singer as he chucked it into the photo pit and sent photgrpahers skittling. They found their groove midset as the mosh pit nodded sympathetically with the beat.

The Grates were a stand out performance. Lead singer Patience had the best outfit of the day as her LED encrusted dress dazzled the twilight air. It soon came off to reveal a long tassel ‘onesie’ as she dived into the mosh pit. The audience tossed her around, bum in the air and head over heels, but she still managed to keep singing pitch perfetly somehow! Musically they showed off their experience.

Kele got the ampitheatre bouncing early with “tenderoni” a festival favourite. He looked like he was going for the personal fitness instructor look as he directed the crowd. Managed to sustain audience throughout his performance winning over a somewhat skeptical audience at first.

– Warm day today, currently 21 degrees on site.

– Festival had sale of 30,000 tickets, noticably quiter then last year (people still to arrive onsite). Great weather so far, no rain, cold night but suns out, quickly warming up quickly. Majority of people nursing hangovers and queuing for showers/toilets.

– Today all about the music after speculations and unforfilled rumors. One exception was Kate Moss, everyone wondering if Gwenth will accompany Chris Martin to the festival.

Friday 29/07 Highlights

– Rumours Jay-Z might show up for Kanye’s set tonight. Apparently he’s just jumped off a plane at Brisbane airport? Hmm.

Kate Moss has been spotted side stage watching her hubby play his set. Almost feels like we’re at Glastonbury 2009.

The Hives were number 1 tonight for most people. Great interaction with audience, grass roots rock n’ roll, cant write a bad riff, microphone acrobatics as lead singer swung his microphone around – new album out/or coming soon?

Kayne West more the celebrity value from punters then a love of his music, risque performers (stage dancers) with g-string outfits, big spend on stage show production : shots of smoke, fireworks, And errr lots of autotune (couldn’t afford singing lessons?). Lots of unimpressed audience members left disgruntled. The faithful staged to watch as he bathed in his own self importance. Religious overtones and portraying himself as some kind of messiah.

Does It Offend You Yeah! Went off in the mixup tent. Great tunes (old and new) backed up by an energizing performance. Live vizual VJ setup with effects and mezmerizing lighting.

Modest Mouse filled the ampitheatre. Front viewing section mosh pit was quickly closed due to saftey concerns. Criritism of poor communication and unhelpful security staff as punters waited confused. Was reoponed late in set causing a short rush to secure places for the Hives set.

– The new Smiroff bar was closed late thur night due to safty concerns. After being reinforced it reopened tonight and proved to be very popular with punters.

– Jay-Z was a no show.


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