Baby Alpaca – ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’

New York’s Baby Alpaca, aka Chris Kittrell, has released a dreamy new video for his track Can’t Find My Way Home.

Complementing the sweet pop of the music, the video features a rich pastel palette with clouds, smoke and a veritable dreamland quality for Kittrell to wander through.

The video was created by Kittrell with his boyfriend and collaborator Benji Staker. “[Benji] made a 4 by 4 ft landscape type sculpture and we were inspired to turn it into an otherworldly Dali-esque environment,” Kittrell said of the making of the video.

“We developed all the layers ourselves and did all of the editing… It is so cool to be hands on with every stage of the film process, and having the ability to tweak and make things exactly as you see them in your head. In the video we wanted to capture the quality of a dream. A place where one is lost in stasis, wandering through unknown terrain, and being engulfed by it.”

Indeed, Chris Kittrell is not only a musical artist but a visual one. His art repertoire includes film, painting and motion collage.

Baby Alpaca has just released his debut album Under Water.

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