Battleships – ‘As You’d Begun’ (Unplugged At Music Feeds Studio)

Sydney-based indie act Battleships turned hard to starboard and found themselves in the lawless waters of Music Feeds Studio. Feeds proceeded to force frontman Jordan Sturdee and bassist/pianist Jonathan Bowden to perform their latest single As You’d Begun, lest we sink their Battleship(s).

Fortunately Sturdee and Bowden complied and offered a sterling acoustic rendition of the heartfelt single. After the song, the lads were then coerced into an interview and ordered to give up information about their debut mini album To You.

On the accidental benefits of recording To You in an old sandstone classroom, Sturdee explained that the natural reverb of the building left a lasting impression on Battleships.

“It’s sort of become part of our sound,” Sturdee revealed. “We probably won’t do the same method again, but it definitely has had an affect on the overall sound of the EP, I think.”

Battleships will raise their anchor on Saturday, 30th March for a co-headlining national tour with fellow Sydneysiders Nantes, that runs through ’til April.

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