Interview: Bento – The Clarity Of ‘Diamond Days’

Ben Gillies rose to prominence as the drummer for one of Australia’s biggest rock acts of all-time, Silverchair. Now as his high school band remains on indefinite hiatus (not a breakup) Gillies has stepped out from behind the cymbals and tom-toms to become the frontman for his new solo musical outlet Bento.

As Gillies enters the room, his presence brings with him not the atmosphere of an accomplished musician, but rather the uplifting energy of an unknown talent eager to put his music out into the world. Gillies speaks with plenty of verve as the Bento mastermind comments on the liberation experienced in taking complete control of the creative process, and how Bento has helped to both satisfy and bolster his urge for making music.

On the topic of the immediate support Bento has received from fans, Gillies admits he was at first worried of potential Silverchair backlash. However, he has since become excited at the positive reactions garnered from lead single Diamond Days, which is the title track from Bento’s debut album due out October 26.

Covering the subjects of the songs’ origins, touring without Chris Joannou and Daniel Johns, and the pressure that will be faced by whoever scores the role of drummer once Bento hits the road for an as-yet-unannounced national tour, it’s clear from Gillies’ passion that Bento should not be brushed off as a one-time side project but rather be seen as a new band in town that is sure to turn some heads before month’s end.

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