Bernard Fanning – ‘Reckless’

Bernard Fanning‘s video for Reckless, taken from his new album Civil Dusk, tells a simple but powerful story.

Shot in black and white, the scene is set with Fanning’s sandy boots walking across a beach at night. The camera then pans to his lit up face as he sings into the lens, with only the night sky behind him and what appear to be far off torches glowing in the distance. The lights gradually get closer in the background, and as the light on his face fades, he is unexpectedly grabbed and tackled to the sand.

We see jagged flashes of the ground, the sky and the lapping waves until Fanning’s face reappears, lying on the sand and being dragged away. It’s a stirring video for a song that “looks at the idea of being hunted by your own thoughts,” says Fanning, “The act of wilfully ignoring failures and wrongs of your own doing, and what the compounding consequences of that can be.”

Bernard Fanning’s national tour kicks off next week.

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