BIGSOUND 2014: Jeremy Neale Was Just Chilling At BIGSOUND

Hanging around BIGSOUND 2014, Music Feeds was lucky enough to get some time with Jeremy Neale. A Brisbane local, Jeremy joked, “I’ve been in town all year waiting for this.” Sitting down with the Velociraptor frontman, we kicked things off by asking what his ambitions for this year’s BIGSOUND are.

“I’ve been really fortunate, because I think in maybe my first year of BIGSOUND, I guess I got the framework for… I got a booking agent, record label release options, I got a manager,” he explained. “So I don’t have to do anything except have a good time at BIGSOUND, so it’s like a no-pressure environment… I don’t have to do anything or wheel and deal.”

Speaking on his plans for the near future, Jeremy told us, “I’m coming back with a new single in maybe five weeks’ time. It’s already recorded… once everything calms down I can put the pieces together, get some nice artwork, get a film clip sorted, those kinds of things.”

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